Wowza suing not appreciated “Dont discourage choice” – speaks community

we hate choice

The open  streaming media industry, developers and webhosts together have condemned Adobe’s move to sue Wowza media server. Adobe states that this is a case of “patent infringement and unfair competition“, but what this actually looks like is a slap on the face to the open streaming community. Adobe is perhaps trying to mention that nothing beyond Flash Media Server is acceptable to be used with flash, which now seems to be a more closed product day after day.

The most realistic answer to all this is that, wowza media server has continuously shown greater strides of improvements over Adobe’s FMS. Note that wowza already used to provide streaming to all other non flash devices as well, which adobe has stated for fms recently. In an open advertisement page Adobe had mentioned “WE LOVE CHOICE” and had acknowledged other initiatives over the web that makes flash to be called as a “open technology”. The very same company is today toying with wowza media server just as was done to it by Apple.

There had been many top-notches defending Flash against apple in a similar arguement, its strange to see how no one speaks if it hits the other guy. Concerning the growing interest of flash on mobile devices, streaming would have made more of a topic than anything else. Looking this move by adobe , many are going to Flash streaming off their company’s service list.

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