CAMBOT – A simple case of conversing with your devices to get things done

CAMBOT is a Raspberry PI based custom project that doubles up as an IP camera with additional enhanced remote monitoring and data collection capabilities. CAMBOT is powered by homegrown technology that is capable of providing a communication bridge between hardware-hardware, software-software, hardware-software as well as human-hardware and human-software.

This demo shows how the homegrown software powers up and manages a Raspberry PI based simple contraption with a sense of personality using simple NLP techniques which is definitely better than using REST APIs on any given day. Using cambot you can capture static photos, initiate live streaming, control camera position, check the time, check temperature & humidity, and more.


Smart Water Monitoring Using Non-Contact Sensors

Last year January i had implemented my first proper IoT project, for my own apartment where we were seeing some water woes. The problem was related to water management and water pump operational guidance.

I wanted to monitor the water level in our apartment water tanks using Arduino and standard sensors available in the market. However, it was not that simple. Our apartment committee mentioned to me that i should not be immersing anything into the water due to contamination problems.

That led me to do some research on the internet to discover other sensors and options that i could use to build my custom water monitoring system. After 3 months of running up and down the apartment staircase (in excitement i forgot there was lift 🙂 ), i was able to implement a custom water monitoring system that uses, non-contact water level sensors that don’t touch the water, Arduino mega and telegram API to deliver the notification to smartphones about water changes.

I have documented everything on youtube through my first Iot video. Check it out and if you like it or have something to say, please leave a comment. 🙂