CoWIN automation using selenium, AWS cloud and custom android app

Last week it has been a struggle like no other in my country – India. With the COVID-19 second wave gripping the entire country, the only option has been to get vaccinated as soon as possible. and to add to misery it has been almost impossible finding a slot through the official portal or application.

While the efforts of the govt are appreciable in such conditions, the fact still remains that finding & booking an appointment online is very difficult owing to the number of people that are competing for the same resources. Anyways long store short.. i wanted to make this a bit simpler for myself as i could not keep up with checking the portal manually myself (not to mention the seriously short period of session time before auto-logout).

The solution was to create a program that could do everything I do manually to at least keep an eye out for open slots. So I set out to create a small python program using selenium (with chromedriver) which can access and crawl the website for data and report back to me on mobile as soon as it sees available slots. Here is how it works: