Apple INC: Falling apart !!

Apple Stocks Financial firms all over the

world confirm that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), has lately been showing a retarded growth. It already seems that Apple stocks are on a 7-month low and still falling. A certain website quotes: “The stock slid $4.94, or 1.5%, to $315.32, its lowest closing price since Nov. 30. The price has fallen 13% from its record high of $363.13 on Feb. 16 and now is in the red 2.2% year to date.”   It seems it is obvious that Apple is only about a single man – Steve jobs.  Just as with the appearance of iPhone / iPad Apple had all of a sudden come into focus all over the world, and it seem to be a similar fashion of disappearance as well. With Steve jobs stepping down Apple is well headed into its dark hours.  This does raise a question on the innovation apple has been working on. Did the entire sale that of the i-devices come off Mr. Jobs’s charisma? , Are apple’s products really trendy?   As for investors and fan boys!, this may be the best time to bailout if they are not devoted enough. But it might still be too early to speak. Can Apple pull out of this? Or will that be a Microsoft Bill gates to Ballmer fortune. Guess we have to wait and watch!!

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