Web Media Live Encoder – The Flex Based Online Broadcasting Application

Web Media Live Encoder

Flashvisions.com is launching a new site pretty soon – rtmpworld.com, dedicated to Realtime products, based on RTMP and RTMFP Protocols. Our first major release is the Web Media Live Encoder. WMLE is a web based tool for use with any kind of  RTMP server – Specially Red5.

The interface is familiar to commonly used broadcasting tools and hence makes it a easy learning curve. Below are some of the highlighted features of WMLE.

Feature List:

  • Broadcast in audio/video modes
  • Supports FLV and MP4 formats
  • Professional UI
  • Compatible with FMS,Red5 and Wowza
  • Generates preview image of recording without ffmpeg
  • Generates recording duration without flvTools if used for live-record
  • Includes a comprehensive Javascript api
  • Auto save feature lets you save recording data like preview image and record duration without extra effort.
  • Fully skin-able using external swf based skinning via flashvars
  • Choose to show/hide stream name from application user.
  • Choose to let user type-in the stream name.
  • Choose to let user type-in RTMP url
  • Choose to show/hide RTMP url from application user.
  • Built upon Adobe Cairngorm micro-architecture
  • Compatible with DVR type broadcast on FMS.
  • Multiple encoding options
  • Presets for easy quality selection
  • Speex codec support
  • Constrain by bitrate (datarate)
  • Allow/Disallow video/sound preview
  • Amf-php based php integration for fastest server response and standalone operation.

  • We encourage you to register at : rtmpworld.com and try out out free broadcasting service. Just input your rtmp url, stream name , select appropriate preset and go for it. You can also use WMLE with 3rd party applications like WebCamMax to broadcast input from your TV capture card, Screen sharing, video file on your computer and more.

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