Evangelize Flash platform – Must read for Flash haters !!

You may be a flash developer or a  flash hater or an evangelist, or a regular person who has nothing to do with flash whatsoever. I am sharing this , as i see too much of  “Flash must die !” on the web. From Apple to Microsoft to every other guy, who possibly can, is taking a stone at Adobe Flash. From being called “buggy” to “dying technology” its taking it all, without complain.Dear reader , please take 5 minutes to read this first and then get back to what you were doing. Every second is a character , a minute makes a word and few words makes it your day.


RIA on mobiles – reality bite

Flash player on mobile devices is finally showing signs of fruits.  For many of those who wanted to doubted the future of flash, the implementations of Flash player 10.1 will be a eye opener.  Dave Zuverink has written a  nice article on the Adobe  Dev Net that explains designing RIA for mobile devices. Dave Zuverink currently leads the development efforts of slider framework at Adobe. With the forthcoming of powerful hardware as the snap dragon chip, and the evolution of Flash player 10.1 in browser and mobile AIR, looks like every phone will be more capable than iPhone in a the near future.