Remote recording service for websites – Launching soon! is launching a web based service for recording/playing  videos/audios using standard webcam-microphone devices. This service will enable standard websites , blogs and video sharing sites to enable their visitors to communicate with video/audio medias rather than standard text.

Keeping in mind standards we have designed our service to keep up with upcoming technologies like HTML5, while keeping standards with Adobe Flash. You will be able to “Record once and playback anywhere“.

Some of the key features of the service are:

  1. Build your own recorder configuration.
  2. Create multiple configurations for different domains
  3. Flash and HTML5 support for playback of recorded content
  4. Zero dependency : You can download your recorded content to your web-server
  5. Get video delivered to your server automatically after its processed.
  6. Get notifications with parameters of New recording, Deleted recording…
  7. Vast range of plans to choose from.
  8. Short & simple REST API accompanied with PHP class to make requests and parse responses with almost no effort at all.
  9. Lowest pricing structure ever with great plans and support for custom plans !!
  10. Publish once playback anywhere.. Desktop, Notebook, Smartphones, Tablets ….

And much much more…

If you are a webmaster or a casual blogger or have a youtube clone that you want to enable user driven media content on. Get in touch with us at:

sales[ at ] or make your inquiries using our query form here.



Multipurpose streamer application for Red5 1.0

As Red5 1.0 release gets closer & RTMP reaches now to Android, Macs, PCs and much more, this is the best thing you may be looking for on the web. A Red51.0 RC1 custom streamer application (version 1) with Custom Directory Setter for recording and playback of files. Even though the application also implements stream security, it has not been tested properly yet.  The basic functionality of streaming and custom location is tested and is working properly.

To set custom location for recording/playback , please read the post here:

Download: Custom Streamer application for Red5 1.0 (RC1)

[rtmp application name:streamer]

Enjoy Live Streaming / Recording on Red5 1.0 (RC1)


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Hello, can you post some instruction to have this app work?

Hi, first of all thanks for making a streaming app for red5 1.0.. since the old ones do not work…

Wowza suing not appreciated “Dont discourage choice” – speaks community

we hate choice

The open  streaming media industry, developers and webhosts together have condemned Adobe’s move to sue Wowza media server. Adobe states that this is a case of “patent infringement and unfair competition“, but what this actually looks like is a slap on the face to the open streaming community. Adobe is perhaps trying to mention that nothing beyond Flash Media Server is acceptable to be used with flash, which now seems to be a more closed product day after day.

Deploy applications to Red5 without restart

Although Red5 is well on its way to its  official 1.0 version (currently on 0.9.1), there are some things still not perfected for rigorous use. One of those crucial things is , installing/uninstalling applications without having to restart the entire server everytime.

The Hot-Deploy feature in Red5 lets you install RTMP applications to Red5 without having to disturb the running server. (more…)