Authenticating publishers in a Red5pro Application

Red5pro offers exciting new ways of engaging your users online with live streams and data online. You can publish live streams and even record them using flash player (desktop), android/ios (mobile) and WebRTC (HTML5 browser).

However, stream security for publishing still lingers as a challenge for the administration. This article discusses how you can secure your publishing streams for the various protocols supported by Red5pro (RTMP, RTSP and WebRTC) programmatically. IF you are new to the world of Red5/Red5Pro, I would suggest taking a peek at the Red5 development series on Github. Here you can find information ranging from what is Red5 to how to create and debug an application.


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Once built, how do you get Red5 to use this jar?

JAR files are to be deployed in {RED5_HOME}/lib or {RED5_HOME}/webapps/{appname}/WEB-INF/lib

Capturing client parameters in a Red5pro application

Capturing parameters passed from client to Red5pro server application is a very simple and useful step if you wish to capture data from the client on connection for authentication, validation etc:.

When working with Red5pro, you have different types of clients that can connect to Red5pro – Flash(RTMP), Android/IOS(RTSP), and HTML5(RTC) clients. Each client transmits parameters in a different way. Hence for proper handling, it is recommended to check the client connection type and then devise your parameter collection logic.

In this article, we shall see how to build a simple logic that checks for client type and extract connection parameters accordingly. The recommended parameters capturing point is the appConnect method of your application adapter class. This is the method which gets invoked when a compatible client tried to connect to Red5pro.

Free red5pro unofficial wallpapers

Worked on a few Red5pro wallpapers for fun this weekend (non-commercial of course). Sharing them in here. If you like them, please let me know.


Click the link at the end of this post to download wallpapers as zip.





Android Broadcaster – First time user guide


Android Broadcaster is a multi-purpose, multi-protocol live video/audio encoder for android platform. Android Broadcaster carries forward the legacy of Adobe Flash based live broadcasting on desktop onto the android ecosystem. Now use your Android smart phone/tablet to do live broadcasting from anywhere ,at any-time. Android broadcaster supports both media server based broadcasting(RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPS) and server-less P2P multicast (RTMFP).
  • ¬†Allows video/audio recording/broadcasting
  • ¬†Allows playback over rtmp, rtsp (on supported devices) and http for various types of media streams

Getting Started

(a) Download and install the application on your android device from google play store: