Pantel T-Pad WS802C 2G – Beating expectations in the tablet market !!

Indian telecom company BSNL has recently released a cool tablet based on android ice cream sandwich. If you are expecting another cheap tablet with mediocre specs here you are really going be shocked. Its something really different than whats coming to the market at similar price range.


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The 8-inch multi-touch capacitive screen Penta T-Pad WS802C -2G with voice calling has been designed to best suit the needs of avid tech–savvy youngsters, business environments, multi-tasking homemakers and the student fraternity alike. It is endowed with 1GHz Cortex A8 processor,  powerful 1GB DDRIII RAM and 8GB internal memory, which is expandable upto 32GB. The Tablet PC apart from 2G SIM connectivity also supports 3G through a dongle and Wi-Fi for connectivity needs. Extra care has been taken to design this influential machine including features like Bluetooth, 3D enabled and pre-installed education content to keep up with the desirability for one and all.

The device comes with a full complement of ports, including Mini and Host USB, SD Card, and HDMI to simplify the exploitation of additional peripherals. Penta T-Pad WS802C-2G further comes engineered with a 5000 mAh battery, which can give users browsing time of approximately 5-6 hours..


Free P2P live broadcasting on android platform – Android Broadcaster Beta !!

Presenting the complete P2P combo package for everyone out there for free non commercial usage. Experience next generation broadcasting technology between mobile devices and desktops with ANDROID BROADCASTER and WATCHMYPEER.COM. Contact support[at] for any business or technical (more…)

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I have been looking for something like this to stream my storm chasing adventures to a FMS server. Works good…

NetworkInfo native extension for android – Access connectivity status, availability, detailed network state and more…

With Adobe AIR native extensions, it is extremely easy to read the Network info like , connectivity status, network availability etc on your android device from within your AIR application. This extension intends to fill up the missing gaps in the built in NetworkInfo class provided in AIR SDK  Here is how to get going…

1. Download the free version of our native extension – NetworkInfo – from:


2.  Create  a instance of  NetworkInfo :


var networkInfo:NetworkInfo = new NetworkInfo();


3. Request information through public functions



Return values for getDetailedState() and getCoarseState() are CONSTANT names from thr original Android API, NetworkInfo.DetailedState and NetworkInfo.State respectively.


Download Native Extension

How to read battery info on Android with Adobe AIR

With Adobe AIR native extensions, it is extremely easy to read the battery data of your android device from within your AIR application. Here is how to get going… (more…)

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Akbar Goldust
Akbar Goldust

Hi I have used your Native Extension in my app batteryData.rawLevel batteryData.scale batteryData.temperature unit is Celsius ? batteryData.voltage it gives…
Akbar Goldust
Akbar Goldust

and what is rawLevel and access ? Thanks for your great NAE

Hi, Can i get the dynamic battery value whenever it changes on device for Android AIR application? Regards, Sudar