Avanti GUI + FFMPEG – Open source alternative to Adobe Media Encoder

Avanti GUI + FFMPEG make a perfect open source alternate to Adobe Media Encoder. The Avanti GUI also needs “Avisynth” optionally for some extra features. but basically if you intend to own a desktop tool for your video/audio needs, such as conversions, audio extraction, video extraction etc etc: then this is the thing for you. Avanti with FFMPEG renders Adobe Media Encoder completely unnecessary.

Avanti can be downloaded from: http://avanti.arrozcru.com/

Avanti comes with some rather intriguing tools for bit-rate calculations, fixed file size conversions, size estimations,  frame crop editor and much more. As instructed on their site you need to download ffmpeg executable separately from specified links according to your operating system platform. Just drop it into the ffmpeg folder and you are good to go.

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Hacking Private Channels Of Ustream

Recently working on a custom player implementaion on ustream.com using their api, i found a huge loophole that i would like to share.  Ustream lets you create public/private channels and then broadcast on them using fmle or swf based publisher. Private channels can be password protected, so only people with right password can view it. But here is the catch !! The password based security system is pretty invalid in itself.

While programming on the platform i noticed that the player uses amf protocol to send receive data to server.  So here is how you can hack any one’s private channel (password protected).

1.  Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1843/ and install firebug extension for firefox.

2.  Go to the page which hosts the private channel and open the firebug debug panel. Make sure you have enabled the Net panel.

Firebug NetPanel

3.  Next without much effort if you see you will notice that, while going through the requests made by the site to ustream, the amf call with the password tagged to it is very clearly visible.

Password Reveal

So there you have it both channel id and password for the stream !. Not so protected is it now ? 🙂

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Mike Loftus
Mike Loftus

Has this method been fixed by ustream? I am not having any luck. I am trying to watch: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9438662 If…