Red5 – Online Application Generator

The Red5 Online Application Generator is a very simple but effective utility to generate Red5 application online. Do not worry if you don’t know Red5 or even Java. Generate streamer applications, with live broadcasting, streaming, recording and sharedObject capabilities in a single click. No compiling/editing needed. The generator creates red5 applications for you on the fly by injecting necessary information into pre-compiled red5 application templates and prepares them for hassle free use. (more…)

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please, please, please update it for red5 1.0...

Exelent app!

red5 v 1.0.1 pls update :)

Exelent app! red5 v 1.0

which part is uploading in website? red5 installed in my pc.but i can't connect in a specific domain.. Please help…

Open source video revolution – OSMF on Red5

JWFLV Player vs Flow Player vs Strobe:

Strobe Player:

Note that in some cases flash player may ask you to accept ssl certificate. this happens only with red5 running the OSMF player

OSMF is a move by Adobe which clarifies how much flash is towards openness. Whether your needs are to setup a video-tube site or live event broadcasting, OSMF and Red5 provide the perfect package to go fully open source. No more cumbersome domain licenses. No more expensive RTMP solutions. Take up Red5 , download Adobe strobe playback component and go live – completely open source. (more…)

Ready to use – Red5 streamer application

Following Red5 Developer series from Dominick Accattato, and a neat explaination from on CustomFilenameGenerator, Here is a ready to use, fully capable pre-compiled Red5 application for anyone who wishes to set up Flash streaming with Red5 , but does not know where to start.

The application is tested on Red5 0.8. to use it in 0.9 you may have to remove the bandwidth-setting code in main Application class and recompile it.

How to configure Stream/Record paths:

1. Edit the file file red5-web.xml in the WEB-INF directory

2. Move down to the “streamFilenameGenerator” bean definition and adjust values of recordPath and playbackPath as you wish.

3. To use absolute paths, set “absolutePath” property as true.




# Update : Customstreamer for Red5 0.9:



# Update : Customstreamer for Red5 0.7: [Updated June 17 2010]


*Try out the new Red5 application generator HERE

Note:  To compile source, use eclipse J2ee build.

RED5 vs FMS – Part 1

Red5 and FMS features in comparison

Following are few of the functions and properties of RED5 and FMS in comparison. In most of the aspects you will find Red5 to be slightly more complicated but far more powerful than Flash Media Server. The Red5 Team is working on bring around SSAS (Server side actionscript) to actionscript programmers who may not be very fond of java. Its expected to come put with the first grand release of Red5 ‘s version 1.0 (more…)

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