“Apple Not Educated About HTML5, Misguiding Users” – Claim Opera & Mozilla

Apple had recently launched its HTML5 showcase , touting how the world didn’t need flash anymore.  The first backfire was when users complained that they could not see anything, using other standard browsers. Apple seems to block all other browsers using browser sniffing. But the best part came when Haavard Moen, a software engineer from rival browser maker Opera,  stated the following fact. (more…)

“The Storm Is Brewing… Gods Are Angry” – “Apple Beware !”

As the situation reveals, Apple may be in thick soup. Department of Justice’s investigation is going to go deeper than just digital music. There seems to be a list of anti-trust compilations building up against Apple. Adobe’s cross compilation ban is only one of the many points scored by Apple.

There are reports that Apple may have pressured Sony Music Entertainment and EMI to stop participating in a special discount promotion offered by Amazon, one of Apple’s leading competitors in digital music. As Billboard magazine reports (more…)