The truth about how Adobe beat Apple, and what Steve Jobs failed to anticipate…

The war between adobe and apple has been waging for quiet some time now. Even if now its passive, the fact that fact that Adobe defeated Apple defeated, is a clear conclusion with proofs to back it up. In the beginning when Steve jobs wrote his open letter stating that flash was a out dated technology and that it could not be suitable for mobile devices, it was evident that Apple saw Adobe’ flash technology as a threat to its own app ecosystem. After many attempts of using html5 as a backup to beat flash and protect their ecosystem, Adobe flash has proven its worth in the mobile ecosystem.

Its a pretty disheartening thought that big time websites/blogs have been writing statements that “Adobe killed flash player for mobile”, “flash is R.I.P” and more. I personally do not wish to name the writers to to defame them, but if you just google for adobe flash you will get the links.

The fact is numbers!!. For those of you who don’t know, Adobe AIR = Adobe Flash + more power pack capabilities. Adobe Air is already on more devices than apple can imagine. So i shall transparently address Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash in this article for sake of simplicity.

With Adobe AIR on smartphones and tablets you can access huge database of games and engaging apps, including live broadcasting, tv apps and more. Adobe AIR is on devices now, its there to stay and it has torn Steve jobs open letter with a open heart. Apple’s ecosystem sustains only because of the US economic structure and customer behavior. Android proves to be a a worthy device for any kind of hardware. its astonishing to note that low end devices like HTC explorer and Samsung Galaxy mini 2, priced around $250 can also run Adobe AIR smoothly.

What Steve jobs did not anticipate was, the growth of mobile hardware market. In about 2-3 years,. the mobile hardware has come from simple 400 mhz + 128  MB ram to 1.2 dual-cores + 768 MB ram to quad core + 1GB RAM configurations. Thus making Adobe Flash inevitable on mobiles. By 2012 adobe estimates 350 million devices running flash in application mode.

If you have used a smartphone you will be aware that the browser experience is not so engaging as on desktop. All the panning and zooming takes out the interest let alone the experience. This is the reason why adobe dropped support for flash player on mobile devices. Recently in news apple has been contesting in court to prevent samsung from making its mark in the US market by filing a  case of patent infringement. However the this is not going in apple’s favor. If samsung were gain popularity in the US market, it could mean the end of the iphone/ipad dominance for good. Read more about this here:

In the end i can just conclude that Adobe Flash is on numerous devices today, running by the name of Adobe AIR.As of current date android is on the verge of quad core performance with a remarkable price range, making it the most affordable and available mobile os. If you really wish to get the best of the mobile world, go get yourself a dual core or quad core smart-phone and experience the best of all technologies on it.

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