Why is Google sowing the seeds of its own demise ??

Google seems to be on a completely wrong track when it comes to managing the Google play app store. The fact that there is poor security/usability for consumers on Google play store is a clear indication that google may not be interested in Android as much as we think it is.

  1. There are no good guidelines on quality.
  2. Each application looks completely different from another. There is no consistency or uniformity.
  3.  Some apps are just so stupid that they have ads coming in front of text box so you cant see what you are typing.
  4. There is no way to close browser once you have opened it.
  5. You can create a app that scans through the phone’s SD card and steal some vital info. the user wouldn’t even know. As google takes granted that user already agrees to it when he installs the app. No one knows what a app can really do until you use it.
  6. There are brain-dead comments by people. while most of them look like spam some are ratings given 5/5 with a comment that “This app does not work….“. There is no comment moderation either.
  7. Searching applications is like Duh!! … “Search by title”.


Well there are lot more issues that i can state here, you would have already known if you have been using the play store.  In my opinion this is one day turn out to be a huge PROBLEM in the android mobile ecosystem as time passes. Then there will be no way to curb it back. But then that’s just what i think….. If you think otherwise please share with me.

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