Red5 – Online Application Generator

The Red5 Online Application Generator is a very simple but effective utility to generate Red5 application online. Do not worry if you don’t know Red5 or even Java. Generate streamer applications, with live broadcasting, streaming, recording and sharedObject capabilities in a single click. No compiling/editing needed. The generator creates red5 applications for you on the fly by injecting necessary information into pre-compiled red5 application templates and prepares them for hassle free use.

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Note: You need to have have flash player 10 or above installed to use this application!

How to use:

1. Select a  Red5 application that suits your need from the  drop-down.

2. Enter the name of your rtmp application in the text input box (no spaces).

3. Select whether you want to use absolute path scheme or relative path scheme for your streams.

4. Enter appropriate relative/absolute paths in the text input boxes.

(Ex:  relative: recordedStreams/ absolute: c:/red5/recordedStreams/)

5. Press “Generate & Download” button.

6. Press “ok” when your are prompted to download your application.

Thats it !


  1. Francesco says:

    Hello, is it possible to set a username and a password to limit stream to the application only at authorized user?

  2. manuel says:

    cool, but then how do I install the app?


  3. Renato says:

    Are you going to update this for the newest red5 version? I need it and its not working on red5 1.0.

  4. Simon says:

    Yes please, could you update for red5 1.0 ?
    Thank you.

  5. adilfacron says:

    This is awesome, thank you.
    One little bug: I can not put a : character to paths, so fix it manually on red5-web.xml (:

  6. Eyal says:

    please, please, please update it for red5 1.0…

  7. Tincho says:

    Exelent app!

  8. limes says:

    red5 v 1.0.1 pls update 🙂

  9. joabe says:

    Exelent app!
    red5 v 1.0

  10. biju says:

    which part is uploading in website?
    red5 installed in my pc.but i can’t connect in a specific domain..
    Please help me .

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