Justice Prevails – “Apple the new world leader in software insecurity”

Even as the current market for Adobe Flash soars sky high, we cant forget what Adobe went through a little while back, taking backlash from Apple. Riding on waves of iPhone/iPad success, the company had completely forgotten a very simple thing. “What you throw at others, comes back at you one day.

As Flash and Android tear down the iPhone/iPad market to pieces,  Justice seems to be prevailing on its own as well. Secunia a well known computer security service provider has issued report stating that Apple leads the world in security flaws. According to the “Secunia Half Year Report 2010,” Apple leads pack of Top 10 vendors with the most vulnerabilities in their products.

Secunia Report

And with Apple’s credibility loss over the antenna problem it dosent look good for them. The “Frash” project on jail broken iPhones has proven that Apple has lied about Adobe Flash being unfit for the iOS and it’s hardware. Finally with Apple scoring top in a list of  “Most vunerable platform” as opposed to “Most admired company” (reported by fortune magazine), looks like the iMarket is calling for a hit. With Blackberry and Acer tablets coming soon with Flash support it wont be long …

Adobe has preserved its well deserved position on the web . After a long struggle of fighting off pointing fingers and Apple’s accusations on the Flash platform, Adobe has managed to put Flash on smart phones and other devices. A corporate process of this sort is  purely a demonstration of patience, and perseverance filled with ethics and  hard work.

Great work Adobe !! You have set a excellent example for both corporate and individuals.

We Love Choice

Points to be learned by everyone :

  • Patience and tolerance is the way to go.
  • Do not criticize other’s work without thinking of your own issues.
  • Change is inevitable, nothing is forever.
  • Arrogance is short-lived and never tolerated by anyone.
  • Never misuse your credibility if you have some.

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