HTML5 is Dying!

Oh! well believe it or not its on the verge of that. After a much appreciated effort from Steve jobs to prove that their devices couldn’t play flash because flash was buggy, the truth has come out rather remarkably… i devices cannot play flash …not today not tomorrow not ever…

What this means:

Remember HTML5 is suppose to be a standard. In the quick near future if HTML5 cannot seriously mature to its expected level.. even 2020 is too quick to bet on that technology. All investments made on HTML5 are going to be wasted if you cannot :

1. Build quick

2. Secure apps

3. Monetize easily


Stake Holders

Remember that the customers and developers are the stakeholders. So far except for those who cannot experience the FULL web  creatives (iphone/ipad users) no one is drooling over HTML5.

Developer want it straight.. easy and fast to develop, easy to maintain, cheap as a technology, as far as possible –  open source and of-course.. .short learning curve.

Customers want it pretty and working… Good to look at, entertaining as far as possible, no hassle in using it… and features!!!!

Business wants… futuristic, secure, magnetizable, cheap to get developed and cheap to manage.

So as you will see  Flash beats HTML5 easy in all the above. – no surprises there!!


What about Silverlight ?

Not relevant here though but since many are interested i will like to remind web users that “once upon a time” there was a technology suppose to kill flash!! haha.. it turned out to be a joke !!

For those of you interested in silverlight.. read on here:

My guess is Microsoft realized chasing flash with silverlight was more of a extra money to waste around than actually prove anything and that’s why they silenced it saying that it was going to be a part of WPF for desktop etc etc.  An d boy!! were developers disheartened.


But HTML5 is not dead you are lying…

You are so right… But no i dont lie 🙂 Believe it or not… a technology needs to prove more than it can boast to survive in long term. At present Adobe Flash player 11 & AIR 3 make HTML5 look like a Puke. Once again i remind you HTML5 is a standard, it cannot be updated with cool stuff every month for that matter. So dont bet on seeing all that flash offers in HTML5. For those who say HTML5 will kill Flash, i hope they dont assume this to be a Hare and the Tortoise race. Flash ain’t waiting for HTML5 to catch up anytime :). So unless you can do magic and alter time.. HTML5 will not get adoption as much as needed.

Here is what NETFLIX thinks:

Here is what YOUTUBE says:

I agree HTML5 is used at places where flash isnt actually needed.  It dosent mean Flash is being replaced. It just means, ” If i have a office, i would like to do the work of a CEO/Executive Manager not the work of a Janitor !! So i get some one to do it for me cheap!! – That is why HTML5 – Just think about it!!


Wont The i-era save HTML5?

Well we just discussed, HTML5 is not dying… Just not living up to it that’s it!! If HTML5 fails to evolve as expected in next 4 years… i bet people will not want to keep their i devices with them anymore, but then that’s just my view… not a prediction.


Having said that i do expect HTML5 people to do something good and not make a joke of all this hard work put in by Apple, Google and other HTML5 well wishers…

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