Flash vs Silverlight – Part 2 – Simple Vector


following the previous post, we have completed installations of our favourite IDEs,  so now time to do some work. What we will be doing here is create a simple vector based rounded rectangle in Adobe Flash and Microsoft WPF , and compare the file sizes. So lets begin our little experiment.

1. Drawing a Rounded Rectangle: – Silverlight-Blend

So we open up visual studio 2008 and expression blend 3. Now our aim will be to create a simple vector drawing of a rounded rectangle. so we shift to blend, grab the rectangle tool and create our rectangle. Then we color it maroon. We then catch hold of the modifier handlers and shape the rectangle to look rounded.

That’s all. We then build our project.  we are done with our simple vector.

2. Drawing a Rounded Rectangle: – Flash

Now fire up Flashcs4 and select the rectangle tool.  Using the slider given under rectangle options we set the rounded corner radius for our rectangle . Then we select maroon color and draw our rectangle.

We then publish our file, and come out of flash cs4. Thats it we are done.

1. Silverlight Project – simple vector:

AppManifest.xaml + simplevector.xap  = 4.06 KB


2. Flash Project – simple vector:

simplevector.swf = 125 Bytes


Note : I exclude the html wrappers for both projects

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