Flash looses yet another – Scribd moves to HTML5

One of the web’s largest online document sharing site has, decided to move to HTML5, leaving behind the technology that has been faithful to it for all these years – Adobe Flash.  Jared Friedman, co-founder and CTO of Scribd considers flash as a excellent platform for online games, but not everything that it is used for, and definitely not showing documents. Scribd claims that its HTML5 viewer will make it compatible with every device out there and make Scribd a more usable than before. Scribd demos its HTML5 viewer here on TechCrunch. Scribd also claims that they have tamed the issue of supporting all browsers when it comes to serving their new HTML5 viewer. Currently Scribd will go with a Flash-HTML5 model and then in 6 months from now they plan to go Flash free.

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