Apple is making its own Flash !! – Gianduia

Two is a company.. three is a crowd” is so well framed. It seems this bus is getting too crowded already. And all the more morbid in a way.

  • Microsoft wants its own flash so starts out with Silverlight.
  • Java wants its own flash so we have JavaFX
  • HTML5 standard i a clone of Flash features
  • Now Apple also wants its own flash to its making Gianduia

What is wrong with people. If you like the way things work just get together with one company and make it as a standard. There is no point is wasting money and duping developers, saying “we can make it better!!”.

Image via apple insider - appstore made with Gianduia

How pathetic can the market get ?. And if Apple’s story is true then its a mocking question that, if you really dont want Flash as a standard and believe HTML5 is for the best, why do this. And for all those writers out there.. who loved to write.. HTML5 vs Flash, Flash vs Silverlight etc: here is a topic to make a few more articles.

So now as developers, we have a garbage to walk over and as users people have a right to ask what is the game all about?.  When will it stop? and how many plugins  / standards do i have to install before i can browse the web correctly ? Well at-least i would like to know how many more Flash clones are there in making..

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