RTMPWorld launches ChatAnywhere – Turn any chat into a A/V chat !

What is ChatAnywhere ?

ChatAnywhere is a flash based component, which can sit beside your regular HTML site and make it easy for you start a Audio / Video session anywhere on the web. Now you dont have to make yourself dependent on those expensive A/V scripts that run with outdated technology and make you pay for a chat application which you dont need. With Chat Anywhere you can convert any ordinary chat application into a full featured A/V Chat without much effort at all.

What can you do with ChatAnywhere ?




  • Create your own A/V chat plugin for WordPress, Joomla etc
  • Upgrade you existing chat script with Audio/Video
  • HTML5 still doesn’t support video/audio streaming, so perhaps you can use Chat Anywhere to complement your HTML5 site
  • Build your own web conferencing application using Chat Anywhere and technology of your choice
  • Boast that your web application can do H.264 streaming, P2P video broadcasting/multicasting and RTMP broadcasting
  • One component that can act as broadcast and player – Dont! buy costly video players
  • Dont waste time skinning with XML! – Build your own interface with HTML , Javascript/Css
  • Dont want flash buttons ? Create your own buttons in html and control the component with javascript using its extended api.





  • Talk to your site visitors with ChatAnywhere
  • Broadcast over RTMP or use P2P and save server bandwidth
  • Broadcast using Sorenson codec or the all new H264 Codec
  • Include A/V Option in your forums
  • Private or Public conferencing in your website
  • Challenge your creativity…


Download ChatAnywhere


Free version:

  • Quality limit
  • Our logo stays in it
  • No H264 support


Commercial version

  • Get highest quality possible
  • Broadcast in H264 (HD)
  • No nagging logos – Design it as you want



Download Now !!

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