RTMPWorld.com Releases Web Media Live Encoder for HD Encoding


RTMPWORLD is proud to announce the first official version of Web Media Live Encoder HD !!. Yes its in store now !

No longer do you have to compromise on broadcast quality, just because its web based application. Get the full taste of High definition quality without barriers. WMLE HD opens up a new generation of broadcasting capabilities on the web for personal and commercial broadcasting sites. Stop spending huge amounts on desktop broadcasting tools and get your site a refreshing clarity with the new H264AVC codec.



  1. Launch your own live broadcasting site like ustream.com with a weight of HD on your side.
  2. Use P2P support in Flash player to broadcast HD over P2P
  3. Experience the new advanced echo cancellation mechanism and get rid of annoying echos.
  4. Already have a live cam site ? Then perhaps you can do justice to your business with a little HD in your live streams.
  5. Let your customers use something better than those cpu killing desktop encoders.
  6. Use standardized presets created for optimal bandwidth usage to pre-configure your broadcast.
  7. Get a taste of both HD and SD as WMLE HD also supports the older Sorenson codec for video compression.



WMLE HD Key Advantages


Desktop Encoder


Portability Needs software installation on broadcasting machine Can be accessed from any web browser from anywhere, while Flash player is already installed across the web on 98% computers
Security Needs special authentication procedures * Can be integrated with any basic server side language for standard web level security. 

* Can be used in conjunction with swfdomain lock or html domain lock offered by any rtmp server.

CPU Usage Heavy on CPU Easy on CPU
Live Camera Snapshots Requires special server setup Generates preview on the fly without special server needs
RTMFP support NA Out of the box support with P2P player included


Two Versions

  • WMLE HD PE (Personal Edition) – Restricted to resolution below 320×240 in HD mode
  • WMLE HD (Professional Edition) – No Restrictions


WMLE HD Standard Demo: http://wmle.flashvisions.com/hd/

WMLE HD Personal Edition Demo: http://wmle.flashvisions.com/hd-pe/

Download Trial: http://rtmpworld.com/downloads/commercial-product-downloads


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