Compose – A greeting maker for android (Update)

Very happy to announce that compose has finally made it to a major version and is ready for day to day use. Its one of a kind multi-touch enabled greetings maker. Unlike  usual greetings apps on android, this application used vectors instead of png files which brings stunning quality to your e-cards no matter how you scale or rotate objects.  Its really fun to use and demonstrates how some specifics are batter handled by flash applications than java ones. The application also sponsors many different kinds of native android based dialogs interacting with adobe air seamlessly. I am hoping to make some time next week and post a tutorial on working with custom layouts in native extensions. have a great day!!


See compose in action:



Here are some of the latest features to look out for:

* Tablet support added
* Improved native text editor
* More custom fonts added
* Create ecards from any image on your device
* Flip objects, reorder objects and more with the long press toolbar
* Improved performance
* Bug fixes


Try compose now on google play !!

android greetings composer

  1. Vinicius says:

    How you use the select picker native in a AIR Aplication ?

  2. Rajdeep Rath says:

    Create a native extension, and trigger color picker wrapped in dialog from it.

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