How to set wallpaper on Android with Adobe AIR

With Adobe AIR native extensions, it is extremely easy to change the wallpaper of your android device from within your AIR application. Here is how to get going…


1. Download the free version of our native extension – WallpaperManager – from:

2.  Create  a instance of WallpaperManager :

var manager:WallpaperManager = WallpaperManager.getInstance();

3. Pass in the native path of a image resource on device which you want to be set as a wallpaper.

var result:* = manager.setWallpaperFromPath([IMAGE-NATIVEPATH],false);

The second param is a Boolean value which controls whether or not to scale your image when setting it as a wallpaper. The result variable will usually hold a true or false value based on the success of the operation.


Download flashdevelop source

Download APK


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