ANEBuilder 4 Android – A tool to automate ane creation for android on windows

I have been up and running with Adobe AIR native extensions this whole week. In the process of failing and trying , cooked up this utility tool that will make your life easier for now  (Until flash builder itself packages ANE naively).

If you have been following the tutorial on Adobe devnet:, you will notice that while the tutorial correctly guides through the process of creating native code and actionscript library, things are not very clear from that point on. There are some handy man’s work you need to do like extracting library.swf from the swc, placing them in certain  locations et c etc.  And if that was not difficult enough you need to configure your batch file to run the adt command for ane creation with all sort of options. Slight mistake there and you keep on trying  for days like me :).

Anyways,  to cut it short, follow up the tutorial Adobe devnet:, then when you have created Native Code in java and your Actionscript Library , you can then use this tool to generate ANE without much fuss. Its not a Ace of the base software, but it will behave itself and hopefully get you through this tedious process. Currently this is for windows only as i don’t have a mac to debug on. But hopefully i will try to get a MAC native installer out there soon.

Meanwhile dont hesitate to try this out.

ANEBuilder 4 Android

ANEBUILDER 4 Android (windows).zip


Hope it helps everyone 🙂


*  Signing requires you to have a PKCS12 based certificate (.p12 or .pfx)


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  2. Ilya Gazman says:


    I been very exited to use your tool, this is a great idea!

    Unfortunately it did not worked for me, and there were no log that I could refer to understand what I did wrong.

    *This is the same when I been trying to this build manually.

    Can you please add a sample files and a sample configuration for your tool (may be even copy the adt file).
    I believe it will help a lot.

    I hope you will be able to rescue me…

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