Apple Crumbles To The Fear Of Antitrust Probe! Modifies Terms!!

If anyone would have noticed, Apple has recently revised its developer’s agreement. Here is the modified one:

“Unless otherwise approved by Apple in writing, no interpreted code may be downloaded or used in an Application except for code that is interpreted and run by Apple’s Documented APIs and built-in interpreter(s). Notwithstanding the foregoing, with Apple’s prior written consent, an Application may use embedded interpreted code in a limited way if such use is solely for providing minor features or functionality that are consistent with the intended and advertised purpose of the Application.” (more…)

Flash Player 10.1 (10,1,53,64) Crashes When Accessing Webcam ?

Today Adobe has released the must awaited Flash player 10.1.  But it seems there are still some issues with the new flash player.

Flash player 10.1 crashes when accessing web cam. I have tested by installing the new flash player 10.1 and reinstalling Flash player 10. It works correctly with Flash player 10 and below. Some of the sites on the Internet explain that Flash player is causing problems with  A/V Web cams only.  Although i have logged a bug report in the Adobe  JIRA Issue management system, it will help if any one else can confirm facing such an issue. (more…)

“Apple Not Educated About HTML5, Misguiding Users” – Claim Opera & Mozilla

Apple had recently launched its HTML5 showcase , touting how the world didn’t need flash anymore.  The first backfire was when users complained that they could not see anything, using other standard browsers. Apple seems to block all other browsers using browser sniffing. But the best part came when Haavard Moen, a software engineer from rival browser maker Opera,  stated the following fact. (more…)

Open source video revolution – OSMF on Red5

JWFLV Player vs Flow Player vs Strobe:

Strobe Player:

Note that in some cases flash player may ask you to accept ssl certificate. this happens only with red5 running the OSMF player

OSMF is a move by Adobe which clarifies how much flash is towards openness. Whether your needs are to setup a video-tube site or live event broadcasting, OSMF and Red5 provide the perfect package to go fully open source. No more cumbersome domain licenses. No more expensive RTMP solutions. Take up Red5 , download Adobe strobe playback component and go live – completely open source. (more…)