Flex on mobiles – first light of dawn

From James Ward – RIA Cowboy here is the first view of Flex 4 running on mobile platform. As he reviews Flex 4 performance, with flash player 10.1 is the first light of hope for the rest of us.Read his article here.For a quick view have a look at the videos he posted.

Red5 and Flex 4 Spark VideoPlayer

Here is a little demonstration of the new spark video player in Flex 4 SDK, that plays a rtmp stream from Red5. The Flex 4 SDK is still in beta as of this date and thus there may be some issues if you use it commercially right now. I had some issues with autoplay being false. So i have tried with [autoPlay = true] instead. However i must say it works much better than Flex3 VideoDisplay component with Red5.

Get Adobe Flash player

Download Flash builder project

Flex in a week: free course from Adobe

Interested for training in Adobe Flex ?  Think the learning curve is tough ? Think again.. Adobe offers a free training course in Flex. Free as in “free beer” :). Simply grab a free copy of Adobe Media Player and navigate to the Flex Video Training Page.

Flex-Ajax bridge the primer for flex-javascript communication


Often a common issue i face redundantly in setting up a actionscript – Javascript  communication is – actionscript function call back. ie:  calling actionscript function from JavaScript.  sometimes its a real pain to get it to work in all browser pretty much error free (more…)