India goes DoCoMo !


Hoardings/Ads  of TATA DOCOMO are lashing city boards, banners, televisions in a massive way.

TATA , One of the largest mobile operators in India, is now bringing  “D0C0M0”  implementation to Indian mobile users. Tata DoCoMo was formed in 2008  as an alliance between Tata Teleservices and NTT DOCOMO.

This partnership will bring promising opportunities to both mobile developers and users alike. Benefiting development which was earlier held back due to weak backbone. some of the key features tolook out for  incude:

2 GHz (UMTS2100) /800 MHz(UMTS800(Band VI)) / 1800 MHz(UMTS1800(Band IX)) bands.
You can read more about TATA DoCOMo here

JW FLV Player – Red5 streaming issue – (unable to replay)

As of the current version of JW FLV Media Player 4.6, there is a issue with streaming flv videos from red5 server (tested with 0.7). As there is no solution given on the forum i decided to explore it on my own. The problem happens when flash requests a stream from red5. At this stage red5 generates a meta file which is used to trigger meta event on flv players. However at this stage the flv itself is considered as broken. Hence any attempt to play back the video now will fail until the meta is removed and flv restores to normal by red core engine. It seems the most obvious manual way to do this manually was to hit the stop button and help red5 understand the stream request was released (more…)