HTTP vs RTMP streaming – a visual comparison

For those of you , who have been wondering about “whats the fuss about RTMP and streaming”, here is a little eye opener. Though many think of saving cash by having to invest less on storing flv videos in your web server accounts, the point to create a good user experience is beaten. The advantage of RTMP streams over the casual HTTP based progressive downloading is far too realistic to ignore. Below are two examples that feature HTTP vs RTMP streams playing side by side to let you understand the difference. (more…)

Flash-Php mail – a reusable solution

One of the most common requirements of a good website is a flash based contact form. Here we will see a simple yet effective flash – php based email form and how to send data from flash to php and receive confirmation. All you need is the flash IDE some basic knowledge of action script and you are good to go (more…)