Flash Player 10.1 and the dying iPhone

Now that flash player was demoed at world mobile congress, for those of you who still doubt Adobe, here is a eye opener. Here are a few videos that will show you where Adobe Flash stands today. Decide for yourself do you really need that iPhone anymore ? When every phone out there can be more than iPhone ? Looks like with iPad being killed by iTablet and iPhone being killed by smartphones with Flash Player 10.1 Apple is left with no front to fight with. Honestly from what i pick up from people The only thing they like about their iPhone and Mac OS is the effects more than anything else. And with Flash player 10.1 powering every device with the same ability, apple products are dying fast.This is to remind you of the statement made by Apple ” Adobe is lazy”. ­čÖé

Flash Player 10.1 on Google Nexus One from michael chaize on Vimeo.

Chroma Circuit Game – Another Flash CS5 pre release iPhone app

Chroma Circuit, an addicting little puzzle game available for the iPhone by Josh Tynjala of Bowler Hat Games done with a pre-release version of Adobe Flash Professional CS5.

Flash makes it to iphone one way or the other


Adobe had unveiled its latest triumph as on Oct. 5, 2009. Where Adobe and competitors have been trying hard t make it to the┬áiPhone, by leveraging their run time, Adobe had made it, with a different approach. “Why give them a interpreter when we can give them the native “. Late towards the end of this year 2009, Adobe presents flash cs5 professional IDE. The new IDE lets you publish your action script 3.0 projects as native iPhone executable. Imagine that now you wont be an alien to iPhone development and don’t have to learn their sdk either. Leverage your existing action script 3 skills to deploy for iPhone.

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