How to watch hack videopp video player to watch videos for free

Videopp is a new site in the line of business that megavideo used to be. While Megavideo has been wrapped up by the FBI in US, new sites like videopp are coming up to take advantage of this situation. As a flash developer i am curious to learn how these sites work. So i have been at cracking some loopholes that i will like to share here.


ELIPS Studio 3: cross-platform mobile development with Flex

flex mobile framework

I just happen to stumble across this totally amazing site Open The totally absurd but valid question to ask was…if these guys have done so much in little time, what about Adobe ??. Should we have already seen adobe implement this for its developers ?. Open plug’s solution is the more smarter one, on the mobile platform than what most of us will expect. Its not delivering swf on for the devices, and No! there is no flash player needed to run the code generated either. (more…)

Data Centric Development for Flash Player 10.1 using Flash Builder 4 on Android Device

Sujit Reddy demonstrates using Flash Builder 4  for data centric development for Flash Player 10.1. The application developed here is consuming data from a Data Management Service destination of LiveCycle DS (LCDS) and so any changes to the data on the mobile devices is pushed to all other clients viewing the same data . the concept is very much like real-time push with RTMP , only in this case its using LiveCycle DS. Its basically a online mobile purchasing app. Very nicely done though :). You can read in details here at Sujit Reddy’e blog.

Flash Player 10.1 and the dying iPhone

Now that flash player was demoed at world mobile congress, for those of you who still doubt Adobe, here is a eye opener. Here are a few videos that will show you where Adobe Flash stands today. Decide for yourself do you really need that iPhone anymore ? When every phone out there can be more than iPhone ? Looks like with iPad being killed by iTablet and iPhone being killed by smartphones with Flash Player 10.1 Apple is left with no front to fight with. Honestly from what i pick up from people The only thing they like about their iPhone and Mac OS is the effects more than anything else. And with Flash player 10.1 powering every device with the same ability, apple products are dying fast.This is to remind you of the statement made by Apple ” Adobe is lazy”. 🙂

Flash Player 10.1 on Google Nexus One from michael chaize on Vimeo.