Simple P2P Multicast Stream Player

Introducing the very first P2P multi-cast stream player. This player is free to use for developers and users. Experience the power of flash player 10.1, broadcast live video/audio without any server.

Stay tuned as next week we will be releasing an update on Web Media Live Encoder, which will enable you to setup your own server-less P2P broadcasting solution (more…)

What is missing in Adobe Flash Player 10.1 ? – “Adobe” itself

Have a deep close look at these pictures to see whats new in the latest Flash Player.  Am sure guys at Adobe already know this..  🙂 (more…)

Justice Prevails – “Apple the new world leader in software insecurity”

Even as the current market for Adobe Flash soars sky high, we cant forget what Adobe went through a little while back, taking backlash from Apple. Riding on waves of iPhone/iPad success, the company had completely forgotten a very simple thing. “What you throw at others, comes back at you one day.(more…)

Flash Player 10.1 (10,1,53,64) Crashes When Accessing Webcam ?

Today Adobe has released the must awaited Flash player 10.1.  But it seems there are still some issues with the new flash player.

Flash player 10.1 crashes when accessing web cam. I have tested by installing the new flash player 10.1 and reinstalling Flash player 10. It works correctly with Flash player 10 and below. Some of the sites on the Internet explain that Flash player is causing problems with  A/V Web cams only.  Although i have logged a bug report in the Adobe  JIRA Issue management system, it will help if any one else can confirm facing such an issue. (more…)