Data Centric Development for Flash Player 10.1 using Flash Builder 4 on Android Device

Sujit Reddy demonstrates using Flash Builder 4  for data centric development for Flash Player 10.1. The application developed here is consuming data from a Data Management Service destination of LiveCycle DS (LCDS) and so any changes to the data on the mobile devices is pushed to all other clients viewing the same data . the concept is very much like real-time push with RTMP , only in this case its using LiveCycle DS. Its basically a online mobile purchasing app. Very nicely done though :). You can read in details here at Sujit Reddy’e blog.

New stuff in FP10.1 and AIR2

VIA Serge Jespers’s blog here is a slide presentation that explains that Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0 bring for us. you can download source code to the files mentioned in the presentation from his blog.

Right down from Touch Screen events to Local Audio processing in Adobe AIR 2.0 and lots more. Have a watch at it yourself.

New Digital Magazine Experience – Powered by Adobe AIR

Built on Adobe AIR and developed with Condé Nast, the concept enables — in digital form — the immersive content experience magazines are known for, and allows new interactive features to stimulate reader engagement, including (more…)

AIR mobile on – “Droid”

Adobe AIR showcases on Motorola Droid. Adobe AIR 2 extends the mobile capabilities of Flash Player 10.1 by delivering rich applications outside the browser and across multiple operating systems. AIR supports online and offline use cases for improved application reliability and access, enhanced app security models, and new support for geo-location (GPS). Watch yourself: