Red5 Showcase

We are happy to bring you , a fun filled section of creative applications made on red5 technology. These applications are purely non-commercial at present and are available as samples of full blown multimedia applications done with flash. Any resemblance of these applications with any of their existing equivalents, online or offline is purely coincidental. These applications are done originally with full source code in possession. You may try out these applications free of any cost for your mutual benefit.

Note: We also undertake custom application development involving Red5 ,  Flash/ Flex and  AIR.

Application Showcase:

  1. A online audio recording and sharing utility application that demonstrates the power of Red5 with Adobe Flash client.


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2.  Tracker is a Red5 application that can track user ip using the RTMP protocol, without using help from php or any    other server language. Typically this application demonstrates how red5 knows its incoming connections and can            use this information to authenticate users. The application uses Red5 remoting to query information from Red5.


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