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Often when i have looked at sites like zazzle, photofunia etc: it has amazed me so as to what the power of graphics in the hand of a programmer could do. so recently i thought of writing down this tutorial to help people understand how each field has its own strength.
This is all about Imagemagick coupled with flash actionscript. Being a actionscript developer i have found this a new field to venture into that makes flash coupled with imagemagick seamlessly the strongest competit
or on the web.

So lets get started on this journey together. First we get started with (more…)

Pure Flash Captcha

Captcha in flash
Captcha in flash

Well not to say much but as we all know for ages we have depended on image verification systems called captchas. There have ben many variations of it over the years. Some have even come up with audio based captcha and picture identification captchas.

So i thought why not flash captcha ? why flash ? simply because i love it and it will be a unique distinction.
flash cannot be crawled. so taking advantage of that i thought why not design a captcha in flash as no program can use OCR on it.

Also using dynamic font embedding feature in actionscript 3.0 makes this a ideal project. you can view more info on AS 3.0 dynamic font embedding here.

You can put fonts in swfs and supply it from a folder on your server. (more…)