Red5Plugin Overview – Getting Friendly With Red5

From Dominick Accattato’s site , you can see that a good documentation is available as a video on using the Red5 plugin with eclipse for faster and easier Red5 application¬†development. This is great news for all those who ran away just by the thought of setting a Red5 application. The Red5 plugin will get installed into a J2EE version of Eclipse. I personally use Eclipse Galileo. To know more about the plugin and tracking the red5 development, keep up with the Red5 developer’s series on youtube.

More iPhone apps with Flash CS5

See how businesses use the Flash Platform to create compelling content and applications that run consistently across browsers, operating systems, and devices.

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Online Geo Tracker

Tracker is a Red5 application that can track user ip using the RTMP protocol, without using help from php or any other server language. Typically this application demonstrates how red5 knows its incoming connections and can            use this information to authenticate users. The application uses Red5 remoting to query information from Red5.

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Online Audio Recorder

A online audio recording and sharing utility application that demonstrates the power of Red5 with Adobe Flash client.

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