Red5 0.9 out and shining


The new Red5 0.9 is out. I guess i missed it on release date  🙁 . Nevertheless..  the Red5 team   seems to be doing a wonderful job as they near to the first stable version (1.0) of Red5.  And since its the only good to use and friendly Open source RTMP server out there, its no wonder that everyone have their eye on its progress.  Great job Red5 Team !!

iPad hit hard by iTablet

iTablet (left) and iPad (right)

The iTablet: A product by UK-based X2 Computing, an iPad alternative that multitasks, has a webcam, and runs Windows 7 or Linux. iTablet was launched days within Apple’s iPad launch.The iTablet also supports Flash player, which is not available on iPad. Overall in terms of price, performance, extensibility and features iTablet beats iPad straight. Apple’s choice to avoid Flash on iPad saying that “it is not really needed by users” will be under spotlight as iTablet’s sale will reveal truly what people want and what they don’t.

You can read more about iTablet here and compare to iPad features  here

Red5Plugin Overview – Getting Friendly With Red5

From Dominick Accattato’s site , you can see that a good documentation is available as a video on using the Red5 plugin with eclipse for faster and easier Red5 application development. This is great news for all those who ran away just by the thought of setting a Red5 application. The Red5 plugin will get installed into a J2EE version of Eclipse. I personally use Eclipse Galileo. To know more about the plugin and tracking the red5 development, keep up with the Red5 developer’s series on youtube.

More iPhone apps with Flash CS5

See how businesses use the Flash Platform to create compelling content and applications that run consistently across browsers, operating systems, and devices.

more bad news for Apple 🙂