Revelations at Mobile World Congress 2010

This week Adobe revealed some of the coolest things, yet to be seen on Flash Mobile Development Platform – The forthcoming of Flash platform (Flash player 10.1) on Blackberry and Android. for those of you still unaware of Flash Player 10.1 – “That’s Actionscript 3.0 in full rage !” ūüôā Watch yourself:

New Digital Magazine Experience – Powered by Adobe AIR

Built on Adobe AIR and developed with Cond√© Nast, the concept enables ‚ÄĒ in digital form ‚ÄĒ the immersive content experience magazines are known for, and allows new interactive features to stimulate reader engagement, including (more…)

AIR mobile on – “Droid”

Adobe AIR showcases on Motorola Droid. Adobe AIR 2 extends the mobile capabilities of Flash Player 10.1 by delivering rich applications outside the browser and across multiple operating systems. AIR supports online and offline use cases for improved application reliability and access, enhanced app security models, and new support for geo-location (GPS). Watch yourself:

RIA on mobiles – reality bite

Flash player on mobile devices is finally showing signs of fruits.  For many of those who wanted to doubted the future of flash, the implementations of Flash player 10.1 will be a eye opener.  Dave Zuverink has written a  nice article on the Adobe  Dev Net that explains designing RIA for mobile devices. Dave Zuverink currently leads the development efforts of slider framework at Adobe. With the forthcoming of powerful hardware as the snap dragon chip, and the evolution of Flash player 10.1 in browser and mobile AIR, looks like every phone will be more capable than iPhone in a the near future.