Introducing server-less live streaming system based on RTMFP!!

We are extremely happy to say, Web Media Live Encoder now supports RTMFP as well as RTMP protocols. On that we have created a small but heavy duty system based on RTMFP multicasting. You can create your own channel and broadcast as much as you like..  and its server-less!!

This is a beta, non commercial system that focuses to evolve as a first hand experience for those looking to taste RTMFP in flash player 10.1.

P2P Live Streaming System

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Follow simple steps:

1. Register at RTMPWORLD.COM

2. Create your own channel by selecting  “Create Channel” and filling out the form

3. Select “Broadcast Now!” , and select the channel you want to broadcast on.

4. On the broadcaster application, press “Start”  to start broadcasting… *

(*Allow flash player to access your bandwidth -> needed for p2p transmissions)

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Happy broadcasting!!

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