HTTP vs RTMP streaming – a visual comparison

For those of you , who have been wondering about "whats the fuss about RTMP and streaming", here is a little eye opener. Though many think of saving cash by having to invest less on storing flv videos in your web server accounts, the point to create a good user experience is beaten. The advantage of RTMP streams over the casual HTTP based progressive downloading is far too realistic to ignore. Below are two examples that feature HTTP vs RTMP streams playing side by side to let you understand the difference..
JW FLV Player RTMP Streaming
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JW FLV Player HTTP Progressive Download
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Flowplayer RTMP Streaming

Flowplayer HTTP Progressive Download

RTMP Streaming

HTTP Progressive Download

Will show you from the beginning, and lets you seek to any point in time, before it has actually arrived. The RTMP server automatically streams bytes from the location requested. Hence you need not wait. You can skip what you don't want to see by simple seeking ahead.

Will show you only what has been downloaded to browser cache. ie: you cannot seek beyond what is in your cache. So technically you have to wait quiet some time before you reach your favorite scene in a  movie.


Not Secure

Lets you avail more RTMP services over streaming , such as collaborations, remoting, Live broadcasting etc:




Not so cheap !, considering that you need to find a host who gives you such services.

Very cheap! , considering that you already have a http web account with your favorite web host.

Available  Usable Servers

Available  Usable Servers

Red5, FMS, Wowza

Apache – universally available

Suggested Hosts

Suggested Hosts












Wherever you may like, just Google for cheap web hosting or so. But better would be to check out the top ten web hosts list

If you are interested to know more about RTMP, Streaming, Red5 please check out the links below:
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