How to watch hack videopp video player to watch videos for free

Videopp is a new site in the line of business that megavideo used to be. While Megavideo has been wrapped up by the FBI in US, new sites like videopp are coming up to take advantage of this situation. As a flash developer i am curious to learn how these sites work. So i have been at cracking some loopholes that i will like to share here.

Hacking Videopp Video Player


The business policy used here is simple. You get to watch free video for a limited time. after that you must get paid account. Now we will see how to hack this. when seeing that the player is made in Flex i understood that the developer used OSMF based video player provided in flex to same some development time. Thus it uses http based video streaming and there is no php method involved. In my view this is very insecure and can be cracked easily.

Now the second lazy thing that the developer did was using shared objects for tracking user. To get rid of the storage and resetting the player simply go to your browser’s clear history options, and make sure to select (clear cookies and plugin data), since flash shared objects can now be cleared by browser, you can remove the tracking and refresh the page to watch videos for as long as you want.

Have a nice day 🙂

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