ELIPS Studio 3: cross-platform mobile development with Flex

flex mobile framework

I just happen to stumble across this totally amazing site Open Plug.com. The totally absurd but valid question to ask was…if these guys have done so much in little time, what about Adobe ??. Should we have already seen adobe implement this for its developers ?. Open plug’s solution is the more smarter one, on the mobile platform than what most of us will expect. Its not delivering swf on for the devices, and No! there is no flash player needed to run the code generated either. Elips Studio from openplug lets you create applications with As3 / Flex and compile to native device code for better compliance. Ring a bell yet ?? Yes thats the iPhone packager approach.

I truly feel Adobe should be taking this method as a better approach, rather than getting  Flash player itself on the devices. As you will read across the internet many community people are arguing hot over this. Open plug is a pure example of what should/can be done to make flash/flex grow on the mobile platform. Although i do support adobe on its stand, but you cannot ignore the fact that native code always performs better. The iPhone packager setback, should be a eye opener for the community. Although Apple did a pretty stupid thing by not allowing cross-platform compilation, we still can see how well some of the cross-compiled applications performed on iPhone, that used actionscript  as the development language.

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