ReddPanel – A Red5 application panel for Red5 media server

ReddPanel  - Is a Red5 application panel for Red5 media server bundled with limited administration capabilities.

(Version : 0.0.1)

  • Install applications using auto-installer
  • Standardized applications repository
  • Basic monitoring / administration of applications
  • Quick configure rtmp application with swf player


FLPlayer – Free OSMF based RTMP live stream player for Android

FLPlayer is a OSMF based simple application for playing flash based live video streaming content to android devices. FLPlayer works with popular streaming servers like Flash media server, Wowza media server or Red5 media server to play live video content. FLPlayer is suitable for both business to consumer redistribution and/or first hand usage.


Vdoo – streaming and download [ Update 0.0.4!! ]

Vdoo streaming & download app: New servers added!! (more…)

Compose – free greetings and fun image generator for android platform

Compose is a greetings and fun image generating application that lets you build brilliant e-greetings and fun images without any technical knowledge or skills. Its a perfect companion for both kids and parents. Generate funky images, greetings and share with friends and family over social networks, bluetooth, email and more.